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(sold to AOL, November 2006) Relegence, Inc. is a global technology and media company that enables real-time information flow across all media platforms. The Company aims to lead the transition from a world of archived content, where people manually search for the information they want, to a real-time era where information automatically finds the people who need it -- the second it emerges.

Relegence's customers include some of the world's largest multi-national firms with a financial services focus. Relegence has successfully built real-time Knowledge Hubs for these customers which, in turn, have been deployed on trading floors and in research departments in the US and throughout Europe.

This transition will be achieved using a highly proprietary technology and global infrastructure that simultaneously monitor and index hundreds of thousands of live content streams, then deliver to end-users only the information they desire. Packaging together such sources as television and radio networks, local and international newswires, Web site content, as well as community news from message boards and chat rooms. Relegence empowers its customers by connecting them to global human interaction and information as it is generated from anywhere in the world.