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INTEGRAL, Mountain View, CA
Integral Development Corporation is an award winning provider of integrated electronic trading systems in the FX marketplace. Integral operates FX Grid, a global Multi-sided Trading Facility (MTF) connecting active market participants with all major sources of FX liquidity. Together with FX Inside, its real-time Execution Management System (EMS), Integral's products represent the intersection of direct market access and algorithmic trading in the foreign exchange markets. The combination of state of the art technology, coupled with unparalleled market expertise, positions Integral as the premier provider of automated trading processes in the eFX marketplace. Integral's integrated technology and liquidity solutions are flexibly delivered to its global customers, their clients, sales staff, and traders. These solutions are distributed over the Internet as browser-based or Windows applications to meet the needs of all tiers of financial institutions looking to provide their clients world-class foreign exchange products and services.