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(IPO October 2007, symbol CTCT) Constant Contact Software is the leading provider of self-service email marketing products and services to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Constant Contact helps small businesses reach their visitors and customers easily and affordably with targeted, relevant email communications based on their interests. Constant Contact is designed and priced for SMBs and is available through a wide variety of channel partners, such as office supply retailers, small business portals, web affiliates and website development software and services companies including,, DigitalWork, Elibrium,, Oracle Small Business (NASDAQ: ORCL), (NASDAQ:SPLS), Switchboard, Inc. (NASDAQ: SWBD), Trellix and VeriSign. Constant Contact is funded by Morgan Stanley Venture Partners, the venture capital arm of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. (NYSE: MWD), Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Longworth Venture Partners and VeriSign, Inc.